Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Apple’s next great products: iPillow, iPet and iTap

iPillow: Soft, comfy and silky.  It plays Lullaby to put you to sleep or “white noise” to shield you from the outside world.  It is a book, a TV or simply a pillow.  “iPillow”, you can’t sleep without it.

iPet: Cute, lively and furry.  It is cuddly when you want it to.  It will bark at the intruders with the push of a button.  It sheds no fur and doesn’t chew your furniture like a beaver.  “iPet”, the ultimate life-long friend you need.

iTap: It makes tapping sound when you tap your shoes.  It plays music when you tap.  It flashes neon light when you tap.  It even charges your phone when you are tapping.  “iTap”, it brings color and sound to your life.