Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paperback for "Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square" is ON SALE in Amazon for $10.79

"Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square", a love story between a Peking University student and her mother's formal lover set in the midst of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre is selling like hot cakes.  It has been reduced to $10.79 per copy by Amazon due ot its popularity.  See the following excerpt.


A soldier jumped off a truck next to the tank, carrying a pack of rope-like things.

As a short stout man, he approached her slowly as though he was afraid of her. When he was two feet away from her, he released the black rope in his hands. It was a two-meter long black leather whip.

The whip was like a snake dancing in the air and hit Wu Zheng's body. She did not move and did not even look at her torturer. Instead, she ran towards him.

"Give me back my husband!" Wu Zheng cried like a wild animal.

The whipping continued. Her white blouse was broken into shreds and was full of bloodstains. Then she caught the whip in her hand. She started pulling at it. With God's power in her hands, she got the whip away from the soldier and started whipping him.

While this was happening, Pumpkin struggled in her husband's embrace. "Let me go! Let me save her!"
"Are you crazy? You are going to be killed. I'm not going to let you go!" His face touched her face, and their tears mixed. This was the most intimate act they had ever shared.

Wu Zheng tightened the whip around the soldier's neck and began strangling him.

Cheers came from the crowd. "Kill him! Kill the bastard!"

The tank started rolling and crushed them both.

The angry people moved over towards the tank.

They threw fire torches and gasoline; the tank caught fire. It blazed in the dark and moonless night.
Everyone cheered as if they were the ghosts in Dante's inferno as the two soldiers were forced out of the tank.

The soldiers stumbled towards the angry people. As soon as they were away from the blazing tank, they were in the hands of the mob.

They beat them with sticks and metal bars. They spit on them. "Shall we kill them?"

"Of course. Why do you speak for the enemy?"

"They are not our enemies. They don't even know what they are doing."

"What do you mean? They have already killed innocent people. They are criminals." A middle-aged man went over, pulling at the collar of a young man as though he wanted to start a fight.

The soldiers disappeared in the crowd as their bodies were torn to pieces, and they quickly disintegrated through hundreds of angry hands.

Red-eyed people threw body parts back at the burning tank.

They held up their hands in a 'V' sign, until a spray of bullets from another vehicle gunned some of them down.