Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn: An Ideal Honeymoon

To me, the best part of the Twilight: Breaking Dawn was the Honeymoon.  I’m not only envious of the luxury tropical villa in front of the peaceful azure ocean on the beach of a perfect private island, but also the passionate kisses between Edward and Bella under the perfect full moon, the shining Mercedes-Benz, the bird-shaped private jet, and even the matching leather luggage.  The most of all, I’m envious of the broken bed, torn pillows and waking up with goose feathers on the face.  How I wish I had a honeymoon like this!  After all that, is it worth a while to be impregnanted by a Vampire?  I don't know.  Only Bella could tell you.

The following is an excerpt from my romantic short story:
                                               Wild Fire

The fire started shortly after the dawn.  The black smoke is blowing over the Mississippi from the boathouse, hovering over the river.  Red flames are shooting up like vicious devils to declare their power as the precious wooden boats burn into ashes.
Riding my bicycle along the river, the view of the boathouse burning rekindles the flame in my heart.  The rowing season is over.  So is my little interlude with Ray.  Now the boathouse is engulfed in flames.  The place that was filled with my beautiful moments with Ray is about to become just debris and cinders.  Looking at the black smoke in the distance, I could not ignore the lingering heat in my heart.  Is that what I am seeing in the distance, the still-smoldering fire in my heart?  Those long-ignored smoldering embers, nearly forgotten, have enkindled a renewed fiery passion..  Through the smoke, past the blackened wooden A frame, I can still feel Ray and I having our wild kisses.  I can feel his gentle touches.  In a dark corner of that boathouse, when everyone else was out rowing on the river, we had our very private time together. As I watch the smoke and the flames licking the sky, I can feel him rubbing my hair while I was licking him.   I can hear him whispering into my ears as his warmth is swelling inside me.  The excitement has returned, but only for a brief second, as our special place burned in the distance.
“The river is beautiful,” said Ray, woke me up from my deep thinking.
“I thought you lived on the water.”
“Yes.  I do.  But lakes and rivers are very different.  I never really appreciated that until now.  OK!  It’s different, too, in a motorboat.  You’re usually just watching for traffic.  On the river you see the bank, the trees, the houses and all the reflections.  Gee, I’m even starting to appreciate nature.”
“So write a poem for me,” I was challenging him, which was always fun for me.
“Hey, don’t push the envelope.  Keep trying.  Maybe after ten years, you will be able to get a few lines out of me.”
Then he turned around.  “By the way, I will be on a business trip next week.  I wouldn’t be able to take lessons for a week.”
Looking at his eyes, his two small eyes were glowing like a river flowing through them.
I stepped over and hugged him.
“I will miss you.”  Words slipped out of my mouth.
He was silent for a long time.  Then he started kissing me.  His tongue forcefully filled my mouth.  It was obvious then that he had heard my voicemail. 
                He held my face with his big, slightly rough hands.  His face was glowing under the stars and the reflections of the streetlamps..
With the stars as witnesses, the Milky Way and all the rest of world, his passionate kisses made me feel otherworldly.  When was the last time I had such experience?  I did not remember. 

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