Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Top Ranked and 5-star Reviewed Novel "Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square" is Now in Kindle

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Lisa Zhang Wharton was born and raised in Beijing, China. In Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square, her first full-length endeavor, she explores everyday life in China in 1989, focused on Baiyun, a college student at Bejing University. Baiyun living at school and finally away from her highly dysfunctional family for the first time, is studying hard to pass the TOFEL exam, which would allow her to study in America and be the gateway to a better life. 

She gradually becomes embroiled in the Student Democracy Movement, protesting the authoritarian government and demanding increased freedoms for all of China. While working as a reporter covering the Movement for the school paper, she meets Dagong, an older factory worker volunteering to help the students, and over the course of several action-filled days, experiences true love for the first time. 

Intertwined with the global events culminating with the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the book also tells the story of four families huddled within the confines of a government mandated collective house, once the single family dwelling of a prominent family, but now post-Cultural Revolution, divided into four tiny apartments.

As the military gradually clamps down on the protesters, and situation becomes dangerous for all involved, Baiyun learns that Dagong is married and has a young child, and sees her love, her ideals, and the remnants of her dysfunctional family disintegrating before her eyes.

This novel works on many levels. In addition to being a simple love story with a backdrop of world events, it's a close-up look at the lasting effects of the Cultural Revolution on everyday Chinese families and an intriguing exploration of historical events. It's truly a must-read for all audiences.


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